Personal Verses
by Tina Ann

'Personal Verses is what I call the poems I started writing for friends and family to commemorate birthdays, weddings, leaving the job, graduations, etc. over 10 years ago. It is so much fun to commemorate a loved one’s special day or accomplishment with a personal poem as a gift.
A clever rhyming verse can entertain and provide a lasting memory for every occasion worth remembering. I hope you enjoy reading some of the memories created through the medium of verse.
~Tina Ann

Miss Audrey

Dad's 80th Birthday

Joe's 50th Birthday

Chris Cantwell Roast

Darren's Birthday

Kelly and Craig Wedding Toast

Color Guard

Mark and Brian

If you are interested in having a poem written for you, please contact me at In your email, tell me about the person/event you would like to commemorate, the tone you would like to convey, some idiosyncrasies or memorable stories. I will respond and perhaps ask a few more questions. (I will not be plugging your name into a generic pre-written poem.)

My job is to transform your thoughts and feelings into a fun and lasting gift. Your gift is 100% guaranteed, if you don’t like it I will work with you until you either love it or there will be no charge.

Personal poetry for all occassions

Honor treasured moments
To preserve what they are worth
And find your precious stories
Bring your words to life in verse


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