Mark and Brian

'I was trying to win tickets on the Mark and Brian radio sho. I wrote the poem, but so far have not been able to get through to their radio show. If I did, I know I would win the tickets!'

Mark and Brian, Kelli and Frank
And all of the family file and rank
We wake up and listen to you every morning,
But please don’t mistake these fine words for fawning
You don’t play any music, so that’s not the reason
We continue to listen throughout every season
It’s because what you do makes us think, makes us laugh
But even with all that, it’s not even the half
You make us all feel as if we belong
A singular group, above the throng
We start each day off better hearted
Than days before this ritual started
It’s great to know that we’re connected
A listening group, one show selected
Mutual interests and perspective
Tie us into one collective
Sharing opinions, thoughts and views
Our mornings filled with more than news
So with that thought, you need to know,
We’re all part of the Mark and Brian Radio Show!

For Mark, family’s fair game, and yes he loves Elvis,
With Brian its the West Wing, and we love his impressions
Frankie, Paisono, works so hard he’s a blur
And Kelli’s so sexy, heck I’d even do her!
With phone calls from listeners, willing to dare
Whatever is necessary to win Junk Drawer ware
Hooty Hoo, callers hoot, to the Way and the Light
They ‘tell stories’, correct you, or whine of their plight
They play jokes and mean tricks on their families and friends
All convinced they’ll be forgiven before it all ends
M&B TV on the Radio, Comedy skits
Masterpiece Theatre and Celebrity visits
You get the all guests and then ask all the questions
Never failing to be interested in all our suggestions
Asking the things that we want to know
There’s a never a dull moment on this radio show!

And so I submit to you, with some rehearsing
This small thoughtful gift of my endlessly versing
Filled with oh so clever verbiage
Substituted for normal wordage
Begging, pleading, let me make one thing clear
I must see Joe Cocker at the Wiltern Theatre!
Now I’ve buttered you up, and performed this small trick
I wish I had more, but it’s my only schtick
Please, Mark and Brian, like the ball through the wickets
Open the junk drawer, can I please have the tickets!

~Tina Ann


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