Joe's 50th Birthday

Dear darling husband, man o’ my dreams
50 today, and though it all seems
Those birthdays before this haven’t been favorite days
This one is special in so many ways

It all started in Covington, 1955
50 years ago today is the day you arrived
Twenty years later, brought you to CA
Aligning the stars for our meeting one day

And oh, what a meeting, as I opened the door
Our first meeting ugly, but what was much more
Was the way that you ogled my bosom and then
'You must be the new receptionist' is just what you said

I thought you a pervert, not love at first sight
Who knew it all would turn out so right!
That auspicious moment that changed my whole life
I had no idea I’d end up your wife

But just one year later, in together we moved
And here we are still so you must have approved
Until ’89, in a hot air balloon
Your romantic proposal caused my heart to swoon

'Marry me or jump' were the words that you used
I had to say yes, or end up all bruised!
Then finally we married in Huntington Beach
And Lovie, since then, life’s been sweet as a peach

You’ve been there for me, like in Jamaica that time
I freaked out on the mountain while we were making the climb
Course I’ve been there for you as the surgeries sprout
(I’m afraid, now that your 50, you’re just wearing out)

The dogs make you crazy, under foot all day long
They bark and they wrestle, squeak their toys like a song
Blake and Ruby work hard to give your life pizzazz
But I know that you love both 'Retardo' and 'Spazz'

And now that you’ve reached the big 5-0 you’re sure
That it’s your turn to join the Senior Golf Tour!
But one thing must change, if this be your fate
You’ll have to start staying awake far past eight!

We both love to travel, shake a rug now and then
'Your girls' teach you the latest dance moves and then
Make sure that you know all the words to the songs
That way you don’t make them up as you sing along

You are obsessed with ironing, and take ages to get dressed
Changing your clothes at least 6 times to impress
You insist it’s all coordinated, though you do have flair
When you’re dressed to the nines, with matching underwear!

But you always look nice, even when we just hang around
I read, you watch sports, or walk the dogs around town
You do love your Cosmo, it’s a martini for me
We’re happy together as we’ve learned to just be

You’re considerate, thoughtful, loving and kind
And I am so thankful that I call you mine
And the best thing of all is you still chase me around
So Happy Birthday Lovie, you’re the best thing I’ve found!

~Tina Ann


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