Dad's 80th Birthday

'Lin wanted to commemorate her Dad’s 80th BD in a special way'

I wanted to tell you about one special day
And tell you about what it means, if I may
The first day of April always makes me glad
It’s the day that I celebrate and honor my dad

For April Fools Day is the perfect of days
For the birthday of someone whose been known to play
Jokes on his family, and on friends as well
He’s famous for stories he still loves to tell

The cocktail parties of old, were always such fun
No more ideal place when you’re one prone to pun
And oh! Were the stories and jokes that he had
Usually followed along by my sigh, and 'oh Dad!'

Spending great times together, like one day when
Even though Yom Kippor had just then begun
Dad ordered us hot dogs with kraut on the bun
And we didn’t tell Mom of our afternoon fun

He and Mom have been together for near sixty years
Always there for each other through laughter and tears
While Dad thinks with his head, Mom feels with her heart
Together their perfect and never apart

Dads workdays belonged to the tough FAA
From New York to Margate, he worked all the way
Sent hundreds of Christmas Cards, year after year
Time spent with him on them, is time I hold dear

He really loves animals, dogs, cats and strays
Sending stories and pictures to me still today
'Lessons from Geese' even moved me to send
His inspiring message to all of my friends

His favorite story to tell, and it’s his favorite still
His dog met him at the bus every day until
One day after school, when that dog didn’t show
He knew in his heart, it was his friend’s time to go

Now Irving, a name, his parents picked that one
He didn’t like it, so he changed it to Don
He was Don Juan from that day and all that have followed
For me, its my Dad whose considered 'The Donald'

He’s retired now, and who could want more
Than winters in Florida, summers at the Jersey Shore
Next to Boardwalk and Park Place, now wouldn’t it be funny
If Atlantic City used Monopoly money!

Dad’s the handsomest man, I believe that it’s true
And everyone says that I look like him too
And when I was young, you know, just to prove it
I carried his picture with me in my wallet

Though he’s generous with charities giving hours of time
With awards and the honors adorning in kind
No words can express the pride that I know
When my Dad is the one who is running the show

He taught me respect for all religions and race
Taught me values and ethics, how to always keep pace
His words, though important, in fact did not give
Half the lessons learned from the life that he lives

He’s my hero forever, and always has been
With him at my side I never doubted I’d win
He’s the best Dad I could have asked for, so I have to just say
'Dad, I love you, and Happy Birthday!'

~Tina Ann


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