Kelly and Craig
January 19, 2003

'I was a bridesmaid in my friend Kelly’s wedding,
and this is what I read when it was my turn to toast'

One Wednesday night, in days before
Two people, across a crowded floor,
Amidst the cowboys, skirts and boots
Shared a glance, there at ‘InCahoots’

Though the room was crowded, quite,
These two saw only each other that night
Till finally, they met and talked
And each just knew this was not your average spark

He called, she cheered, and they made a date
But circumstances, maybe fate
Conspired to keep these two apart
But both were determined to follow their heart

They continued to speak, with dating eventual
Anxious to learn if this feeling was mutual
They found together was better than either alone
And being together was like being home

The rest, as they say, is history
Though they refer to it as ‘Serendipity’
Each seeming to know, without a word spoken
The road would lead to tonight, and to these vows taken

So Kelly and Craig, your lives change today
Having walked down this path, I offer these words to say
Choose battles carefully, be they big or they small
You'll win some of the time, but you can't win them all!

Sleep close together, whisper ‘I love you’ each night
Say ‘I'm sorry’ easily, even when you're sure you are right
And know that the qualities that caused the attraction
Will start to annoy you, causing some dissatisfaction

Talk about everything, even cars that you wreck
Decide who manages the finances, and who writes the checks
Take care of each other through thick and through thin
Good fortune and bad, both come round again and again

Today is the start of this life that you chose
Love one another through rapture and woes
And know that the love and the friendship you know
Just gets better and stronger, and through the years will just grow!

~Tina Ann


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