Darren McGeorge Roast

'written for my friend Darrens’ birthday party at work'

We’re here today, from friendships we’ve forged
To celebrate this day for Darren McGeorge
Friend to so many, foe to so few
Just look at this turn-out, ‘Gee, Man, who knew?’

He’s been around a long time, with fingers in all pies
From web sites, to channel programs, who sells and who buys
Many don’t remember his name, but he’s known low and high
Referred to by all, he’s simply ‘The Channel Guy’

In days of old, some say, he got no respect
From budgets to projects, its what he’s come to expect
With IR and Siebel, he always got zinged
But the winds are a’ changing and now Channel is king!

Darren runs with the Big Dogs, from Simon to Schwartz
But works with the little guys, he deals with all sorts
He’s always involved when decisions are made
And stands tall and proud and says, ‘I am not afraid!’

And Darren’s a manager, his team is the best
Expectations are big, and the team gets no rest
When trying to get them to reach high and far
(Though none yet to receive one), he promises a gold star

He’s good and he’s thorough, as long as Jennifer’s there
But when something is needed, and she’s not in her chair
Darren, quick as a wink, ‘cause he won’t let you down
He just calls Michelle or Sue and the part number is found!

When Darren was new, his duties were many and far reaching
Including choosing a topic for each Fridays lunch meeting
He took this job seriously, with much thought ensuing
Conversations resulting were interesting, hilarious and sometimes embarrassing

He’s such a huge Ducks fan, that when playoff time came
Vicki felt sorry that Darren didn’t get to the game
So she stood in a long line to get him a ‘commemorative puck’
When who did she spy in the Toshiba Box, but our own favorite Duck!

Now Darren loves ceremony, and never missies a chance
To make everything formal, he’s all pomp and circumstance
Why recently everyone was called over for the display
As he raised up the Ducks flag, in honor of opening day

He’s funny and kind, sometimes works way to much
Willing to help, a team player as such
So Happy Birthday, Darren, we’re just here to say
Thank you for letting us share in your day

~Tina Ann


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