Color Guard

The music starts, your heart is beating
You know your turn is, oh, so fleeting
Take your steps and raise your flag
Keep up the beat, you must not lag
You turn and dip, step forward, then
Back up, spin, and then count to ten
March straight and true and always try
To show our pride with head held high
You count the steps while marking time
Knowing you’re able to turn on a dime
Practice and drill till you know the routine
Know it so well that in fact it seems
That the steps and the spins are a part of your being
You don’t even think about the changes you’re seeing
The discipline and practice have combined to become
The essence of you and the battles you’ve won
So, though your part may be made of the steps and the turns
It’ really about all the lesson’s you’ve learned
No matter where your life take you or what you may do
If you’re just beginning or when you are through
The things you have learned with the flags and the poles
Means you’ve mastered the art of mastering your goals
The education received takes you well past the field
Your course has been set and your fate is well sealed
On the road to success, no matter what you may try
You’ve learned what it takes, now you’re ready to fly!

~Tina Ann


Personal poetry for all occassions


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