Miss Audrey

'Written for Audrey’s retirement'

We gather round, and it’s true, its a downer
To say goodbye to our friend, Audrey Towner
Now Audrey’s the queen, of Toshiba you know
A fixture at corporate for 13 years in row

Her responsibilities many, acknowledgements few
She’s outlasted em all, though if only they knew
She’s always a lady, with a regal demeanor
And no one we know scrubs up any cleaner

Now Audrey and Venson, are packing to go
To Alpharetta North of Atlanta — where all the show bizzers go
The rappers and singers of hip hop and blues
Will call the Towners their neighbors, its really big news

Now its on to Atlanta, and with Mum in tow
Hello humidity, but thank goodness no snow!
For Exie is known in Avon circles that tell,
Of the oldest Avon Lady still working, still ringing that bell!

When Audrey arrives in Atlanta, you know she won’t be stopped
She’ll start looking around for some kids to adopt!
Then begin the decorating she loves, doing it all with no strife
Until that new house is decorated within an inch of its life!

Looking out from the screen porch at the trees and the yard
Makes leaving Rancho Santa Margarita (and even Toshiba) not so hard
And soon that new yard will look just like the old
An Easter Basket full of flowers and roses to behold

And whatever you’ve heard, and believe it or don’t
She’s a professional cruiser, she just loves the boat
And the only thing she loves even more than the cruise
Are the shops on the boat where she shops for more shoes!

But this queen counts her blessings every night ‘fore she sleeps
For her blessings are plentiful and count more than sheep
Her priorities straight, first G-d, Family then the rest
She always survives, whenever put to the test

Surrounded by family and friends, who all hate to see her go
Her warmth and true friendship make it even more so
So hail to the Queen, Audrey, missed you will be
We’ll think of you often, Good-by Your Majesty!

~Tina Ann

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