Sister, Life Can Be Hard

(encouragement for a friend)

Oh yeah, Sister, life can be hard
And sometimes you can’t even see the reward
It seems like the whole world is leaning on you
Asking for help with their problems anew
And being the strong one, holding together
The turmoil accompanying such stormy weather

You know that they need you to be strong for their sake
Accepting the load you so willingly take
Your courage and competence relied on each day
None of them realizing the price that you pay
And you want to be there, helping with all
The troubles and struggles your loved ones befall

But there comes a time when, despite your intentions
To be there for all of their strife and rejections
You are the one who needs special care
Your back cannot handle the burdens you bear
And just for a time you must take care of you
Regaining your strength so that spirit renews

You’ll be good to no one if your energy’s tapped
Your resources used and enthusiasm capped
Its time that you take out some time to relax
And regain the strength and the essence you’ve taxed
For even a geyser is dormant at times
Gathering strength for the next time it climbs

And just don’t you worry about those you would help
Its time that they learned to rely on themselves
You’ve shown them the way and then taught them besides
The strength and the courage that they have inside
Your stepping aside will provide them the chance
To begin to handle their own circumstance

So rest and recharge, you’ll be called on again
The need for your guidance, that never will end
But right now the one who needs help most from you
Is the face in the mirror, who deserves your love too!
So play and enjoy, delight, rest and learn
You’re worth it sister, and right now, it’s your turn!

~Tina Ann


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