The Holidays Are Over Now

(expresses Tina Ann's after Christmas blues)

The Holidays are over now
It’s back to work, and I don’t know how
I'm going to keep my mind on business
I was so much enjoying Christmas.
The lights, the sounds, the whirlwind air
Shopping, wrapping and sugarplum fare

Friends and family, turkey, dressing
Without one moment left for resting
The frenzy, about which I complained so much,
Is replaced with everyday routine that’s such
A predictable pattern that I go through the day
With barely a friendly word to say

The house is bare, the red bows gone
No lights twinkling, Santa’s gone from the lawn
There are no parties, no friends call
Life’s hardly any fun at all
I pour black coffee into my Rudolph cup,
I think I’ll put the tree back up

~Tina Ann


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