A Brand New Year

(Tina Ann's New Years reflections)

A brand new year, its time to plan, for all those resolutions
I look ahead, so much to change, it’s giving me contusions

Exercise each and every day,
Eat healthier foods, put less on my plate
Avoid pasta and sweets and bread to lose weight,
Spend less, save more, (It’s never too late)
Clean out the garage, (and the closets and drawers)
Weed the garden more often, make the kids do their chores
Get promoted at work, spend more time at home
Go out with my friends, find some time alone
Be nice to my husband, (I sometimes forget)
And all the kids too, to avoid the regret
Make time to call parents, and sisters and brothers
Keep up with family, the cousins and others
Remodel the bathroom, re-carpet the hall
Re-sod the front yard, trim the tree that’s too tall…

I’m exhausted already, the lists just begun,
There’s much more to do, it just keeps going on….
But what if instead of resolving to change
I look at the things I will keep just the same…..

Size 10 or size 8, which no one will see
If no single pound changes, I still like being me
The garage and closets may be filled to the gills
But our house is a home, and we can pay all of our bills
The garden and yard both still need to be weeded
(One full time gardener is really what’s needed)
But the flora and foliage still bloom unashamed
The house filled with flowers, too many to name
Our neighbors are friends, folks on whom we can depend
To be there when needed, to borrow or lend
A handful of girlfriends, who know the real me
And still like me anyway, in spite of how I can be
A family tree filled with those I admire
Have fun with, should call more, and by whom I’m inspired
A husband who’s a best friend, what can I say
We get along great, (when he sees things my way)
24 years together have made judgment subjective
Acceptance and tolerance bring a kinder perspective
The kids, almost grown up, and children no more
Articulate, witty, (though they still skate on their chores)
No longer dependent, now that the job’s done
They’ve turned out so fabulous, are smart and such fun

Instead of resolving to fix what’s not right
My New Years objective is to give thanks each night
For the people, the things, and the life that surrounds
For the health and the happiness and love that abounds
So this New Year’s promises are simple and few
Designed to remind me of that which is true:
Precious time passes quickly, too quickly to let
Petty things come between, so forgive and forget
Delight in the moments and small things to treasure
Don’t wait for the ‘big ones’ to look for the pleasure
Give thanks every day for the gifts that are given
Remember the times when I’ve been forgiven
Take time every day to enjoy here and now
Find something each day about which to say ‘wow’
Make each person glad for the exchange that we share
Think more about others than what I will wear
Tell the kids that I love them, the whole family should hear
How much I appreciate them, all through the year

Let the New Year ring in, with the confidence and hope
To live life exuberantly, and do more than just cope
No matter what happens or what this year brings
Let it be about us and not problems or things
Cause as Mom always says, when things start to get tough,
Don’t worry-Be happy, don’t sweat the small stuff
For its all the small stuff, and all sent from above
This New Years promise is all about love!

~Tina Ann


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