A Brand New Life Began Today

(on the birth of Tina Ann's fifth child)

A brand new life began today
An angel sent from heaven’s way
To bring to life the joy and pain
Of days of sunshine, days of rain

Delivered to our eager hands
Anxious hearts and ample plans
Expectations riding high
Completing for us binds that tie

This tiny bundle does not yet know
The secrets that the world will show
His very life on you depending
For food and warmth and careful tending

But do not believe this newborn soul
Belongs to you to shape and mold
Entrusted now to your safekeeping
But not to own as years come leaping

So love, protect and discipline
As life’s many lessons come rolling in
Let him know the love you give
Is unconditional throughout the lives you live

Yet know the day comes far too soon
When it’s her time to chase the moon
And loving hands must let her go
To learn the things that she must know

The gift of time is hardly fair
These precious moments prove so rare
Make sure the time is set aside
Creating memories years provide

Revel in each coo and smile
His first step taken, her own style
The bonds you forge from time together
Will stand through coming stormy weather

This brand new person’s here to teach
Us all the mysteries for which we reach
Listen carefully, for if He is heard
God speaks to us through children’s words

For the ways of the cynic are easily followed
But if you look at life through the eyes of your child
You may notice each moment of every day
And unravel the mysteries and the parts that we play

So gaze into those trusting eyes
Hold those little fingers tight
Leave the dishes as time flies by
Take time to sing a lullaby

~Tina Ann


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