A Badge Of Honor

(for Tina Ann's Brother-in-law Brian and firefighters)

A badge of honor, courage shown
Shoulders burdened, heartache known
More than others may ever see
The truth is carried, high by he
Who knows the lonely moments fear
Facing darkness, danger near
Weary wells have all been sapped
Pulls courage from the depths untapped
Forging on in spite of doubt
Fears, uncertain start to mount
Determined heart resolves replete
Refuse to stop till tasks complete
No thanks required, the hero’s blush
Is triggered by a gentle touch
Reward is earned when day is done
And all are safe at setting sun
So quiet thanks are whispered low
Grateful hearts want him to know
The sacrifice is not in vain
Burden carried, through the pain
Brought comfort, rescue, fears abated
Darkness banished, hope created
An honor paid, though voices mute
An accolade in this tribute

~Tina Ann


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