Amelia, Bedelia

(a view of Tina Ann's fun and silly side)

Amelia, Bedelia, Cecilia, Delilah,
Eloise, Frances, Georgette, Henrietta,
Isabelle, Jaqueline, Katherine, LaTitia,
Mathilda, Naomi, Octavia, Patricia,
Queeny, Rhozelyn, Sabrina, Tabitha,
Ursula, Victoria, Wynona, Xavia,
Yolanda, Zelda is a name like no other
But you should really meet her brother
Zachary, Yeltzin, Xaviar, Wayne,
Victor, Ulysees, Timothy. Shane,
Reginald, Quentin, Pablo, Othello,
Nicholas, Montgomery, Langley, Kato,
Jeremy, Ichabod, Howard, Gaston,
Franklin, Edward, Darren, Christian
Benjamin Artemus was his full name
Ask me again and I’ll tell you the same

~Tina Ann


Personal poetry for all occassions

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